The Ringing World is proud of its various activities and projects within ringing, including:

The Ringing World National Youth Contest 

The Ringing World National Youth Contest is an annual competition for young bellringers. Two hundred young bellringers belonging to teams from around the country come together for a festival of ringing, held in a different city each year. Most of the teams were formed to enable entry to the contest - the RWNYC brings young bellringers together to ensure the future of this amazing art. 


The Ringing World hosts and administers BellBoard, the most popular website in bellringing. BellBoard is a performance database of all quarter peals and peals rung anywhere in the world since 2012, and also contains  over a quarter of a million performances from before 2012. On average it is viewed more than three thousand times an hour. It also hosts the Ringing World shop and provides online access to the paper.

Little Ringing Books

The Ringing World publishes various small reference and education books for bellringers. mailing lists

The Ringing World hosts various mailing lists for groups of ringers with various interests. There are four main public lists: change-ringers, ringing-chat, ringing-theory and bell-historians.

This site was conceived and implemented by William J Hall, a Staffordshire ringer, who devoted a huge amount of effort to its creation and maintenance. After his death, at the request of his family, the site was maintained and developed by The Ringing World Ltd. Since 2020 William's work has been preserved in the data moved to Bellboard. 


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