The Ringing World seeks to support and uphold good practice regarding the protection of children and vulnerable adults. The journal will disseminate information on such good practice and any changes in related legal requirements.

The Ringing World Safeguarding Policy

The Ringing World will follow The IPSO Editor’s Code in relation to publishing material involving children, young people (aged up to 18 years) and vulnerable adults.


  • Current policy is to list the given names and surnames of those appearing in photographs.
  • Photographs will be published only where the Editor is satisfied that consent has been obtained from someone who has legal responsibility for the child or vulnerable adult.
  • The Editor must be aware of and satisfied with the provenance of the photograph.
  • No payments may be made for photographs of children or vulnerable adults as this may not be in their interest. 

Full details of the Safeguarding Policy for the Ringing World National Youth Contest is available on the Contest website.

The Ringing World will also follow The Charity Commission guidance, as follows

  1. Ensure your charity has an adequate safeguarding policy, code of conduct and any other safeguarding procedures. Regularly review and update the policy and procedures to ensure they are fit for purpose
  2. Identify possible risks, including risks to your beneficiaries or to anyone else connected to your charity and any emerging risks on the horizon
  3. Consider how to improve the safeguarding culture within your charity
  4. Ensure that everyone involved with the charity knows how to recognise, respond to, report and record a safeguarding concern
  5. Ensure people know how to raise a safeguarding concern
  6. Regularly evaluate any safeguarding training provided, ensuring it is current and relevant
  7. Review which posts within the charity can and must have a DBS check from the Disclosure and Barring Service
  8. Have a risk assessment process in place for posts which do not qualify for a DBS check, but which still have contact with children or adults at risk
  9. Periodically review your safeguarding policy and procedures, learning from any serious incident or ‘near miss’
  10. If you work overseas, find out what different checks and due diligence you need to carry out in different geographical areas of operation

This policy will be agreed by trustees, regularly updated in line with statutory guidance and national and local practice, supported by a plan for putting it in place and available to the public.

Reviewed, updated and approved by the RW Board. February 2020

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