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The Ringing World National Youth Contest has its very own website, full of information for teams.

Links to recent articles published by The Ringing World about the Contest are below.

RWNYC 2016 The 2016 contest will be held Saturday 2nd July in London.

RWNYC 2015 The 2015 contest was held on Saturday 11th July in Oxford with The G. & B. winning the method competition and Bedfordshire winning the call change competition as well as retaining the Whitechapel Trophy again. Well done to all that took part.

RWNYC 2014 for the Whitechapel Trophy was held on Saturday, 5th July at Old St Martin in the Cornmarket, Worcester. Congratulations to winners Bedfordshire and gold medallists Yorkshire Tykes.

RWNYC 2013 was held on Saturday, 6th July at St Lawrence’s, York. The trophy winners were Bedfordshire and gold medallists The G. & B.

RWNYC 2012 was held on Saturday, 30th June at St Paul's, Birmingham. The trophy winners were The G. & B. and gold medallists Sussex Young Ringers.

The first Ringing World National Youth Contest was held at St Saviour Pimlico as part of the paper's Centenary Day in London on 26th March 2011. The trophy winners were Hertfordshire and gold medallists Oxford D.G. Articles on the first RWNYC are currently in the RW Centenary section of our website.

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The Ringing World was 100 years old on 24th March 2011. We celebrated this landmark in some style on the nearest Saturday – 26th March 2011.

Articles about activities throughout our centenary year appear here. There was an email list for readers to learn about what was happening.

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Steve Coleman's articles, originally published in The Ringing World, are full of useful advice to ringers on money and taxation issues. All ringers can benefit from browsing them: they are essential reading for tower and association treasurers and anyone involved in fund-raising. There are ten articles in the series at present which can be selected below.

Please note: These articles were correct at the date of publication, however there may have been subsequent changes to legislation. You are advised to seek up-to-date information from the relevant authorities.

Steve is happy to answer any other Ringing and Money questions. Email him at

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