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20196-Dec5667Abbots Bromley ringers and the Hoar Cross ChallengeDavid Towell1173
20196-Dec5667Notable composers of the past - John CarterRichard Pullin1176
20196-Dec5667An oddment on Fabian StedmanJohn Eisel1178
20196-Dec5667Letters to the Editor1179
20196-Dec5667Catherine Ockwell marries Peter HampsonDavid Ockwell1180
20196-Dec5667Sir Stanley's 90th birthdayJohn Loveless1181
20196-Dec5667What's Hot on BellBoardWill Bosworth1181
20196-Dec5667Peal Reports1182
20196-Dec5667Quarter Peal Reports1185
20196-Dec5667Ringing for Remembrance
20196-Dec5667Obituary - John E HeatonLen Mitchell1193
20196-Dec5667Book Review - The Tower Grabbers' GuideSimon Edwards1194
20196-Dec5667Guild of Clerical Ringers South Wales tourDavid Grimwood1194
20196-Dec5667David M Hughes's 80th BirthdaySteve Hough1195
20196-Dec5667Friends of Derick Obergene QP WeekSam Austin1196
20196-Dec5667Minor jottings on children ringing for childrenMary Jones1199
20196-Dec5667Down the pubA J Barnfield1199
20196-Dec5667Central Council Executive - meeting notesMary Bone1199
20196-Dec5667Thought for the weekAnthony Ellis1199
20196-Dec5667KCACR Young Ringers' Striking ContestJen Thomas1200
201913-Dec5668WWI ringers' badge raises £3,500 for Poppy AppealChris King1201
201913-Dec5668What isn't working?Marianne Fisher1202
201913-Dec5668Baubles to Rudolf: Quirky Call ChangesSusan Hall1204
201913-Dec5668Letters to the Editor1205
201913-Dec5668Notable composers of the past - John Carter (Part Two)Richard Pullin1207
201913-Dec5668Comment: GeographySimon Meyer1209
201913-Dec5668RW Assistant Editor appointed1210
201913-Dec5668Peal Reports1211
201913-Dec5668Quarter Peal Reports1214
201913-Dec5668Obituary - John Cutt1219
201913-Dec5668Obituary - Philip Curtis1219
201913-Dec5668Five build a snowman - and Gran learns GlasgowGillian Wakefield1220
201913-Dec5668ODG Ten-Bell Competition and General Committee MeetingBobbie May1221
201913-Dec566840th anniversary of Avon Delight MaximusRichard Grimmett1221
201913-Dec566875 Years Ago - Stedman Triples: A note on Hudson's coursesB D Price1222
201913-Dec5668Down the PubA J Barnfield1222
201913-Dec5668Life begins at seventy?John Westwood1223
201913-Dec5668Thought for the weekGeorge Cringles1223
201913-Dec5668Last call for the ART AwardsStephanie Warboys1224
201920-Dec5669Double cover - LymingeAdrian Hackford1225, 1272
201920-Dec56692020 RWNYC - now open for entries1227
201920-Dec5669Letters to the Editor1228
201920-Dec5669Ringing for Singapore's BicentennialDavid Smith1230
201920-Dec5669Distant bellsKeith Fleming1231
201920-Dec5669A Pathways Diary: IntroductionPhil Gay1232
201920-Dec5669Ringing the changes - a calendar of bellsChris Moxon and Wendy Mann1234
201920-Dec5669The Education ColumnDavid Smith1236
201920-Dec5669The 1,000-Bell Pub CrawlChris Hutchinson1237
201920-Dec5669Restoration at SwithlandJanet Beeby1240
201920-Dec5669Scientific Triples - CompositionColin Wyld1242
201920-Dec5669A Stedman Triples PuzzleAndrew Johnson1246
201920-Dec56692020 Date Touches1247
201920-Dec5669Pullometer ProgressJohn Harrison1248
201920-Dec5669What's Hot on BellBoardWill Bosworth1249
201920-Dec5669Peal Reports1250
201920-Dec5669Society of Royal Cumberland Youths USA TourDavid Sparling1253
201920-Dec5669Quarter Peal Reports1257
201920-Dec5669An interview with Rebecca LegowskiWill Bosworth1261
201920-Dec5669Retiring from ringing after 62 yearsSusan Bray1262
201920-Dec5669Learning the Ropes November 2019 Achievers1263
201920-Dec5669Obituary - John BarnesAnne Barnes, Ian Oram and Philippa Rooke1264
201920-Dec5669NUSCR's Nine in a dayEmily Hall1266
201920-Dec5669AJB's 2019 ReviewA J Barnfield1267
201920-Dec5669Beer MattersMaximus Bibendus1269
201920-Dec5669Merry Jottings on Christmas bellsMary Jones1269
201920-Dec5669Christmas Puzzles1270
201920-Dec5669Thought for the weekJon Rose1271
20203-Jan5671Book Review - Exploring England's Belfries (photographs by Christopher Dalton, with an introduction and notes by Richard Jones)David Cawley1
20203-Jan5671Rector of Holt scores his first quarter pealSue Morton4
20203-Jan5671Durham University Society's 60th Anniversary Dinner WeekendRichard Bimson5
20203-Jan5671Letters to the Editor6
20203-Jan5671100 Years Ago in The Ringing World - 'The past and the coming year'7
20203-Jan5671Notable composers of the past - Joseph W Parker (Part One)Richard Pullin8
20203-Jan56712020 RW Pathways Blue Pathway Step 1: Grandsire DoublesWill Bosworth10
20203-Jan5671What's Hot on BellBoardWill Bosworth11
20203-Jan5671Peal Reports12
20203-Jan5671Quarter Peal Reports15
20203-Jan5671Celebrating and Remembering (25th Anniversary of the Chiltern Midweek Group)Stephen Wooler19
20203-Jan5671Jim Lilley's 75 years of ringingIan Vaughan20
20203-Jan5671A unique double David Hull20
20203-Jan5671Obituaries - Norman MallettJohn Steere20
20203-Jan5671Obituaries - C F Michael CollettReg Hitchings and Owen Barraclough21
20203-Jan5671Evenhandedness or The NelsonMary Jones22
20203-Jan5671The Ringing World Crossword23
20203-Jan5671Thought for the weekMichael Stephens23
20203-Jan5671Down The PubA J Barnfield23
202010-Jan5672Spliced record at Ston EastonSimon Linford28
202010-Jan5672Letters to the Editor31
202010-Jan56722020 RW Pathways Red Pathway Step 1: Beverley and Surfleet S MinorWill Bosworth32
202010-Jan5672Pathways progress and resources34
202010-Jan5672What's Hot on BellBoardWill Bosworth34
202010-Jan5672Peal Reports35
202010-Jan5672Quarter Peal Reports40
202010-Jan5672Obituaries - Bernard Charles SadlerSteve Halliwell48
202010-Jan5672Obituaries - Irene Skinner née PitfieldJanet Ranger-Dennis48


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RWNYC 2016 The 2016 contest will be held Saturday 2nd July in London.

RWNYC 2015 The 2015 contest was held on Saturday 11th July in Oxford with The G. & B. winning the method competition and Bedfordshire winning the call change competition as well as retaining the Whitechapel Trophy again. Well done to all that took part.

RWNYC 2014 for the Whitechapel Trophy was held on Saturday, 5th July at Old St Martin in the Cornmarket, Worcester. Congratulations to winners Bedfordshire and gold medallists Yorkshire Tykes.

RWNYC 2013 was held on Saturday, 6th July at St Lawrence’s, York. The trophy winners were Bedfordshire and gold medallists The G. & B.

RWNYC 2012 was held on Saturday, 30th June at St Paul's, Birmingham. The trophy winners were The G. & B. and gold medallists Sussex Young Ringers.

The first Ringing World National Youth Contest was held at St Saviour Pimlico as part of the paper's Centenary Day in London on 26th March 2011. The trophy winners were Hertfordshire and gold medallists Oxford D.G. Articles on the first RWNYC are currently in the RW Centenary section of our website.

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