For those of you who regularly listen to Bells on Sunday you will have noticed the error on Sunday, 1st December. My contact at the BBC was immediately informed. He explained that a number of eMails had been received by Feedback and they would feature the mistake in their programme on Friday, 6th December.

This can be found on BBC iPlayer, starting at 8 mins. 10 sec., until 4.30pm on Friday, 13th December.

The Brewood track was to be taken from the Taylor’s CD Called Home. Unfortunately the instruction I gave on the schedule about the track number was not followed. Not all was lost; we heard the original ten at the Loughborough Foundry ringing Little Bob Royal. This would not normally be broadcast on “B on S” as it is not a religious establishment. In the programme the question was asked “When did Bells on Sunday start broadcasting?” The Radio Times archive goes back to January 1975. Can any RW readers give any further information about earlier broadcasts?

A good bit of PR for ringers came out of it: many Feedback listeners may not have been aware of the existence of the programme.

For those interested to hear Brewood – Taylor's (1896) first installed harmonically-tuned ring – they are now scheduled for a Sunday in the New Year. 

CCCBR Public Relations Committee


[Update: ‘Bells on Sunday’ also featured as the last item on ‘Feedback’ on Friday 13th December. This can be found on BBC iPlayer until 4.30pm on Friday, 20th December]

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