The first article on ringing for public events two years ago (RW 2011 p.935) described the long history of ringing for the community as well as for the Church, and introduced the ‘Things to Ring For’ service on the Central Council website. As well as lists of church festivals, saint’s days and annual secular celebrations it has a list of many notable anniversaries of historic events that are coming up during the next few years.

The aim is to allow you to see future events that may generate public interest, either (inter) nationally or locally so that you can plan ahead if you want to link ringing to them, and especially if you can use the occasion to generate local coverage and interest in your ringing. Obviously some of the events are more significant than others, and by providing an eclectic list, we hope there will be something for everyone.

So what’s coming up?

April is quite busy. As well as the annual opportunity to ‘Ring for England’ on St George’s Day (Wednesday 23rd) there is the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s baptism a few days later (Saturday 26th). No one knows when Shakespeare was born though it is sometimes assumed to be 23rd, the same as the day he died. If you want a more modern reason to ring that week, Marconi ‘the father of long distance radio transmission’ was born 140 years ago (Friday 25th).

If you prefer sport then May has the 60th anniversary of Roger Banister becoming the first person to run a mile in under 4 minutes (Tuesday 6th).

The recent official pardon of Alan Turing is already getting media coverage ahead of the 50th anniversary of his tragic death in June (Saturday 7th).

August will see the start of the Government’s four year programme of events to mark the centenary of the 1914-18 War. We published the result of our consultation with ringers about ringing for this (RW 2013 p.1043), which concluded that ringing should mainly have a local focus, for example commemorating the centenary of the deaths of local people. If you want to mark a more positive international political landmark August also has the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Geneva Convention (Friday 22nd).

Looking further ahead to 2015 we have the 300th anniversary of the first recorded peal, the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta together with many other notable anniversaries. For details of these and more, see: If you haven’t already done so you might also like to look at the pages of advice and information about engaging your local public with ringing.

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