Ringing Roadshow

6th September 2014

Newbury Racecourse

“Everything for the ringer you are and the ringer you want to be”

Calling all brave teddies

Does your teddy have a head for heights? Does he or she yearn for adventure? Then bring your teddy* to the Ringing Roadshow and we will arrange for him/her to parachute from the great height of the second floor balcony of the main Grandstand.

Teddies must bring their own parachutes, and can register to jump on the day. There will be a prize for the teddy that makes the slowest descent.

Have you looked at the seminar and handbell concert schedule recently? Check the RR website.

Ringing Roadshow Organiser

*Other soft toys may participate.

BB BellBoard
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers