with wine glassLast year, the ULSCR gained a mascot and as had been predicted by many people; we eventually lost him.

Our mascot is a small bear from Cadbury World which we visited last year on our Summer Tour.  He was a freebie from the gift shop as he had a defect – no Cadbury’s logo. Obviously because we are a ringing society we needed a ringing related name – so we went for the very original “Little Bob”. 

He isn’t very tall at around 20 cm and his left eye is slightly squinted. We think that he is probably still wearing his Christmas jumper (pictured) and the last time he was seen was in the pub at the National 12-bell eliminators in March. 

So far he has been on many tours with us, having his photo taken in many well-known towers, pubs and tourist attractions. We miss him a lot and just want him to come back home to Hart Street. 

If you see him, he isn’t hostile (!) – please pick him up and get in touch. If you can help us in our search to find Little Bob, please let us know by eMailing us or help us spread the word on Twitter @ulscr using #FindLittleBob 


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