Seventy-nine years ago, Beryl was born in North Liverpool. She often talked about how proud she was to be a Scouser and had been a keen Liverpool football supporter.

Beryl had a definite love of adventure and always encouraged the people around her, such as her children and grandchildren, to try new things. It was therefore very fitting that Beryl should spend some of her career as a teacher.

As a social worker Beryl was highly respected, both when working on the Fylde and later in the Central Region of Scotland. Some 20 years ago when child protection became a major issue, Beryl formulated the council’s policy and practice. She was known to be most conscientious in completing whatever task was set.

Beryl and her husband Alan have always been known as a couple prepared to take part in more unusual activities such as cross country skiing, church bellringing and being members of a film club. Most had a strong social dimension and from that lasting friendships were formed.

Alan and Beryl met through the Southport Fellwalking Club. Their group broke the mould and sought routes that included ascending the fells by the streams and waterfalls, scrambling up easy but sometimes quite hazardous rock faces, looking into caves, quarries and anywhere of interest on or near the fells. Oh and of course Beryl always looked for the cafés. Walking was extended into Cross Country skiing and with the Lakeland Cross Country Ski Club, Beryl and her husband went to Scotland staying in remote hostels. An early club expedition from Patterdale saw Beryl climbing over a 5 bar gate without taking off her skis!

Beryl thoroughly enjoyed the film club in Keswick and its Film Festival. Formerly, she was with the Southport Film Guild where she was membership secretary.

On moving to Whitehaven, Beryl and Alan became church bell ringers and as such enjoyed ringing tours to towers in Cumbria and many northern churches and cathedrals. Beryl enjoyed ringing and as was her nature, strove to try her best in whatever she rang. All ringers would agree that she was always good fun to have in the tower with her great sense of humour and often had something interesting to tell in the pub afterwards!

Between all these outdoor activities Beryl followed more academic pursuits including, local history, music and more recently archaeology. Beryl also took delight in cooking and was an excellent cook. On several occasions she hosted dinner parties, often with a difference, be it a murder mystery party or a dinner to celebrate Burn’s night.

The last two years were difficult at home from time to time. Beryl could find daily tasks stressful and often confusing. However, when out and about and doing something interesting, preferably in the company of others, she was relaxed and happy.

Rest in Peace, Beryl.


This obituary, based on the synopsis of Beryl’s life given during her funeral by her husband, Alan, was written by Lucy Sutton with his help.


Arlecdon, Cumbria. 18 Jan, 1260 Grandsire Triples: Gordon E H Gray 1, Lucy Sutton 2, Christine B J de Cordova 3, Richard C Last 4, Jane Holland 5, Edwin C Matthews 6, Andrew J Holland (C) 7, John Wilkinson 8. Remembering Beryl Naylor, a ringer at Arlecdon and Whitehaven, whose funeral was at Aughton, Lancashire on Friday 16th January 2015. 250th Q: 5.

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