26/01/1935 - 7/09/2014 

I first met Peter in 1987 whilst driving a coach on All Saints Church, Shrub End’s tower outing to Suffolk. I stood in one of the churches watching when Bob Leavett came up to me and said “why are you not ringing?”, as he was my tower captain at Tollesbury during my teenage years. I said “30 years have passed Bob since I last rang.” At that point Ann Williams (another good friend and mentor) said “It’s time you restarted.” She then said to Peter “Can you stand with Trevor while he has a go?” Which Peter readily agreed to and this started 25 years’ help and friendship, and I might also add that he helped many people in the same way. He was tower secretary at St Peter’s, Colchester for many years combined with the job of Treasurer in both cases very efficiently. He also organized many tower outings and tours when he would call upon my help as a coach driver to sort the timings out so we could arrive on time at all the towers. Even during his final illness he remained the same Peter that I had known for more than 25 years. RIP Peter.


[see also obituary by Steven Clarke]

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