26th March 1916 – 15th July 2010

Richard Moss, who died this year at the age of 94, will be missed by very many people in Cambridge and beyond. The restoration of the bells at St Edward King and Martyr, Cambridge (St Eds), in 1994 after a silence of several decades, meant a call went out to the congregation for people to learn in a newly formed band. Approaching his 80th birthday, Richard answered that call and through determination and hard work mastered the ropes, the traditions and the art of method ringing. Bell-ringing was a perfect fit for his determination to live life to the full, as an engineer with a tremendous enquiring mind, married to a gifted musician and with a flair for social gatherings. He was fascinated with all aspects of bells and ringing and with a convivial manner sought and shared opinions. He was a valued stalwart of practice nights and the Sunday band, even ringing for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee service just a fortnight after a major operation.

Saddened when aged 87 ill-health prevented him from ascending the tower and ringing himself, he doubled his recruitment efforts and continued an enormous supporter of the ringing at St Eds to his life’s end. All of his carers had a go and he encouraged all he met to take it up. He would have been delighted that at his funeral two of his grandchildren, Chris and Sarah Dain, followed in his footsteps by ringing the 5 minute bell.

At practice night, the knell peal, of 94 half-muffled whole pull and stand, was rung by the St Eds band and over the following weeks, three quarter peals of Plain Bob Doubles (a method Richard had learnt), were rung in his honour. All at St Eds, the first at the weekly Engineers’ practice marked his passing. The second included Michael and Bridget White (teachers at Hemingford where Richard first took hold of a rope whilst the bells of St Eds were being worked on). The third by yet more friends, on the eve of All Saints, honoured his inspirational commitment to engineering, ringing and St Eds. We salute you Richard; it was a pleasure to have known you and yours was truly a life well-lived.

Ali Finn
Tower Captain St Eds

BB BellBoard
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers