A quarter peal was rung at St Peter’s Church, Marksbury on 15th March 2011 in memory of Christopher J. Stillman of Bath.

Chris started his ringing career at Twerton on Avon, Bath, in the late sixties being taught to ring by the then tower captain Alan Lee. He was a keen pupil who loved ringing quarter peals and even had a few peals under his belt.

It was last year at Alan Lee’s reunion with ex-Twerton ringers that Chris returned to ringing after an absence of about 35 years and regained his love of bells. He visited local towers on their practice nights and was keen to re-learn all the methods he had once known. He had recently started to ring at Marksbury and, under the leadership of tower captain Robert Perry, was progressing well and really enjoying his ringing.

A routine health check revealed a problem with his heart which resulted in Chris having major heart surgery last Summer. He had made an excellent recovery and returned to ringing on New Year’s Eve. Sadly, due to an unrelated illness Chris passed away on 24th February.

Chris was a remarkable person. His genuine interest in people, his faith, the natural world and sport, particularly his local football team, made him a very popular personality. His enthusiasm and cheerful disposition made him a pleasure to be with.

29th March 2011 would have been Chris’s 60th birthday and by way of celebration, Chris had planned to ring his first quarter peal since his return to ringing at the tower where he had first learned to ring. However, in his absence the quarter peal went ahead and the method of Chris’s choice, Plain Bob Doubles, was rung in his memory. A tribute to a very much respected person.


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