by Colin Parker

We are looking forward to welcoming the 16 teams, their supporters and the rest of the ringing community to the historic city of York on Saturday, 6th July for the third annual Ringing World National Youth Contest, which takes place from 10am at St Lawrence’s Church.

The following teams will be competing for the Whitechapel Trophy:

  • Bath & Wells
  • Bedfordshire
  • Derbyshire Dingers
  • Essex Young Eagles
  • Les Beaux Belles of South Lincolnshire
  • Lichfield & Walsall
  • Lincolnshire Poachers
  • Oxford D.G.
  • St Martin’s Youths
  • Suffolk Young Ringers
  • Sussex Young Ringers
  • The Blue Lines
  • The G. & B.
  • Vectis Youths
  • Worcester Young Ringers
  • Yorkshire Puds

As well as the Contest itself, which will be taking place on the excellent light ring of eight at St Lawrence’s, we have arranged a full programme for teams for the day, including ringing at four of the towers in the city centre (the six at St Olave’s, the eights at St Martin’s and All Saints’ and the ten at St Wilfrid’s), a mini-ring of eight, handbell workshops and a Treasure Hunt.

Chief judge Simon Linford, is a veteran of all three contests and this year he will be assisted by Helen Beaumont, David Leese and Ryan Mills. We asked the young assistants to tell us a bit about themselves:


Helen Beaumont

“I learnt to ring in 2006 at Northchurch in Hertfordshire, and soon got hooked, ringing regularly at three local towers. When I started university in York in 2009 I got involved with the York Colleges Guild, ringing my first peal in November 2009, and turning my hand to roles such as Secretary, Ringing Master and Handbell Master. I also started ringing at St Wilfrid’s, learning to ring on more than eight bells. In 2012 I became a member of the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths, and the York Minster Society of Change Ringers. Four years after moving to York, I’m about to graduate with a Masters in maths, and absolutely no idea what I want to do in the future, apart from more ringing of course!”


David Leese

“I started learning to ring aged 10, initially at Stranton, Hartlepool. After 6 months my family moved and I joined the band at Easingwold, a fine 8 in North Yorkshire. I rang there regularly for 8 years, 2 of those as Tower Captain. Following 3 years at university in Durham, I moved into York where I ring regularly at the Minster and St Wilfrid’s. I’m fortunate that I now regularly get opportunities to ring things that I thought would never have been possible in my early years as a learner. I’ve managed to chalk up (more than enough) peals in a wide variety of methods, from Plain Bob Doubles to Bristol Surprise Maximus and have been a member of the York band in the last four National Twelve Bell Contests.”


Ryan Mills

“I started learning to ring at the age of 9 in Wigston Magna, Leics, and continued to ring around the area until I left for the university of York in 2011. I rang my first peal in 2010, and during 2011 I was part of a local peal band, where I learnt the majority of the Royal that I know. Also in 2011, I captained the Leicester team for the first RWNYC, while I was still young enough, which was a fantastic day out. On moving to York I immediately started ringing wherever I could, which has enabled me to improve my ringing at all stages, 8-bell through to 12-bell, in terms of both methods and striking. I became master of the York Colleges Guild in 2011, and have since been heavily involved in ringing with and teaching ringers of my own age. I am currently also a member of the York Minster Society of Change Ringers and of the band at St Wilfrid’s, York.”


For further updates in the lead up to the contest check out our new website and also follow us on twitter@RWNYC13 or see our Facebook page

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