Results 2014

Sixteen teams came to Worcester on Saturday, 5th July 2014 to take part in the RWNYC. This year’s venue was Old St Martin in the Cornmarket, with its new light ring of Taylor bells, which proved ideal for the contest. We were treated to some really first class ringing on them by our young contestants. The winner of the gold medals for the Call Changes category and overall contest winner was Team 14: Bedfordshire. Winner of the gold medals for the Method category was Team 11: Yorkshire Tykes.

drawing by laura Davies

Call Changes category:
1st Team 14: Bedfordshire A*
2nd= Team 6: Essex Young Eagles B+
  Team 8: Young at Herts B+
3rd Team 5: 3 Spires B
4th =  Team 15: Bath & Wells B-
  Team 13: Lincolnshire Poachers B-
5th = Team 4: St Martin’s Youths C+
  Team 7: Ely D.A. Young Ringers C+
6th Team 2: Worcester Cathedral C
7th Team 3: Vectis Youths C-
Method category:
1st Team 11: Yorkshire Tykes A
2nd = Team 12: Oxford D.G. A-
  Team  1: The G. & B. A-
3rd Team 16: Suffolk Young Ringers B+
4th Team  9: Sussex Young Ringers B
5th Team 10: Derbyshire Dingers C

Judges: David Pipe (Chief), Alistair Cherry, Edward Mack and Andrew Rawlinson

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