We are delighted to confirm our three young judges for the Ringing World National Youth Contest on Saturday, 30th June 2012 at St Paul’s Church, Birmingham. Here they tell us a little about themselves:

Jonathan, judgeJonathan Agg

“I learnt to ring at Guildford Cathedral in 2000, and rang regularly there until I went to university at Cambridge in 2008. Somehow, I ended up being elected Master of the CUG at the end of my first year, but fortunately the Guild emerged relatively unscathed and has continued to grow in number. Attempting to fit in rowing, ringing, and the occasional bit of maths has been a challenge, but I’ve enjoyed making the most of the opportunities in Cambridge, particularly learning to ring handbells.”


Heather, judgeHeather Forster

“I learnt to ring in 2000 at Egham in Surrey and at my home tower of St Peter’s, Staines. After a fair amount of persuasion, I rang my first peal in 2006 and since then have rung peals of 23-Spliced Surprise Major and Bristol Surprise Maximus. I moved to central London in 2008, where I began to ring and socialise with the ULSCR (and also study History and German at University College London). I had a break from ringing in 2010-11 as I spent nine months living in Innsbruck, Austria as part of my degree, during which time I replaced ringing and real ale with skiing and turboshandies! I am an active member of the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths and have rung for them twice in the National 12 Bell Striking Contest. Other towers I ring at regularly include St Martin-in-the-Fields, Southwark Cathedral and St Magnus the Martyr.”


Loius, judgeLouis Suggett

“I learnt to ring in Suffolk when I was 12, which was where I did most of my early ringing, including my first peal in 2006. In 2007, I joined the Ancient Society of College Youths and in 2010 I started university in Birmingham, where I became BUSCR Master in 2011. Ringing with both the College Youths and the Birmingham band has allowed me to meet new friends and experience the ‘black zone’, which has given me the opportunity to hone my method ringing and striking by ringing in more complex peals. Both in Suffolk and Birmingham I have also been fortunate enough to have been given the chance to develop my handbell ringing, and this has culminated in peals of ‘41-Minor’, which is probably my proudest ringing achievement. I would encourage any ambitious young ringers to strive towards that if they are looking for a challenge.”


Simon, Chief judgeAbout the Chief Judge – Simon Linford

Simon is Master of the St Martin’s Guild for the Diocese of Birmingham, a member of the band at the Bull Ring, and of the Birmingham band in the National 12 Bell Striking Contest. A veteran of dozens of striking contests, he has finished everywhere from first to last! He judged last year’s Ringing World National Youth Contest on Saturday, 26th March at Pimlico, and is looking forward to another day of good competitive ringing.

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