The Ringing World is delighted to announce that some excellent ringing took place at St Paul's Church, Birmingham last Saturday (30th June 2012) and the winners of gold medals for the Method category, and also the second winners of the Whitechapel Trophy for the best overall performance, were Team 4: The G. & B. The winners of gold medals for the Call Changes category were Team 6: Sussex Young Ringers.

for the RWNYC Organising team

whitechapel trophy outside St Paul's

Call Changes category:
PlaceTeamGrade (%)
1st Team 6: Sussex Young Ringers A (70%)
2nd Team 7: Derby Tups A (67%)
3rd = Team 2: Bedfordshire B
  Team 3: Essex Young Eagles B
  Team 9: Hertfordshire B
  Team 11: Lincolnshire Poachers B
  Team 13: Georges & Dragons B
  Team 14: Yorkshire Puds B
4th = Team 1: Jammy Dodgers C
  Team 5: St Martin's Youths C
5th = Team 10: King Edward VI School C-
  Team 12: Vectis Youths C-
Method category:
PlaceTeamGrade (%)
1st Team 4: The G. & B. A* (76%)
2nd Team 15: Oxford D.G. B
3rd Team 8: Suffolk Guild C+

Judges: Simon Linford (Chief), Jonathan Agg, Heather Forster and Louis Suggett

trophy presentation
Alan Hughes presents the Whitechapel Trophy to the conductor of The G. & B.

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Central Council of Church Bell Ringers