23th September - 16th December 2012

I knew Jack for the best part of half a century and enjoyed many happy hours (in more ways than one) in his company.

When I first started ringing peals with him he was always prepared to ring new or unusual methods as he had rung such things when they were a comparative rarity under the conductorship of John Mayne and the late Bill Critchley. He was also just as happy ringing peals on six, of Double Norwich or Stedman. However the one thing he did insist on was the quality of the ringing and he was never backwards in saying if he did not think the ringing was good enough.

From his first peal on the then five at Rushden (Hertfordshire) in 1937 to his last at Lilley in 2005 he rang almost 800 peals. Probably the one thing missing from his ringing CV was a peal of London No.3 Surprise Royal despite the fact that he had rung a peal of Londinium! Alas an attempt of it when Jack was well into his 80s was unsuccessful.

His name will always be synonymous with Baldock where he helped to keep ringing going on the difficult eight for many years and such people as Richard Castledine, Colin Harwood, Steve Coaker, Trevor Freer and the late Peter Flack and Brian Willett benefitted from his guidance.

Jack was a great friend and I always appreciated his support and encouragement.


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