Rex Corke was born on 24th August 1935 and died on 19th October 2013. His daughter, Liz Johnson, writes:

“He started ringing in his home town of Aldershot and surrounding areas. He first became tower captain when he lived and rang in Alton, and continued when he and my Mum moved down to Lymington. He would ring anywhere and would always take the opportunity to get in contact with local ringers whenever we were on holiday anywhere in the UK. Most recently he enjoyed the opportunity to ring at the glass bell tower in Basildon but he has rung as far and wide as Australia, Canada and America. He was especially pleased to have been drawn in the Ringing World Centenary draw to ring at Westminster Abbey.”


Quarter peals rung in memory of Rex Corke

Dibden Purlieu, Hants. (30 Heatherstone Avenue) 14 Nov, 1280 PB Major: Polly Osborne (C) 1-2, Alan D Elsmore 3-4, Paul Trend 5-6, Maurice Bailey 7-8. Rung in memory of Rex Corke of Lymington, died 19 October 2013.

East Meon, Hants. 27 Oct, 1260 Grandsire Triples: Val Williams 1, Gareth Higgs 2, Teresa Brown 3, Maureen Routh 4, David Hughes 5, Malcolm Donaldson 6, Terry Collins (C) 7, Graham Cane 8. Rung open to celebrate the life of Rex Corke who for many years was a member of & Ringing Master in this the Alton & Petersfield District.

Fawley, Hants. 1 Dec, 1260 Grandsire Doubles: Mike Roberts 1, Frank Williamson 2, Lynda Smith (C) 3, Graham Hounslow 4, Mike Martin 5, Peter Hadaway 6. 1st Q: 1. 1st in m: 4. Rung for Advent Sunday service, also in memory of Rex Corke of Lyminington & Birthday compliments to 1.

Lyminge, Kent. 9 Nov, 1260 Stedman Triples: Michael Godfrey 1, Liz Shearman 2, Cathryn M Hills 3, Paul Davis 4, Philip M Hills 5, Andrew M Hills 6, Adrian Hackford (C) 7, Peter Boreham 8. Rung half-muffled, remembering Peter Hackford who died one year ago.

Milborne Port, Som. (Linden View) 7 Nov, 1260 St Clement’s College B Minor: Margaret Chapman 1-2, Ian Redway 3-4, Peter Felton (C) 5-6. First Q at this venue. Rung prior to the Thanksgiving Service for the life of Rex Corke.

Milborne Port, Som. (Linden View) 7 Nov, 1440 Kent TB Minor: Ian Redway 1-2, Margaret Chapman 3-4, Peter Felton (C) 5-6. Rung prior to the Thanksgiving Service for the life of Rex Corke.

Minstead, Hants. 21 Nov, 1260 PB Minor: Jo Hadfield 1, Debbie Halnan 2, Polly Osborne 3, Julie Hodkin 4, Maurice Bailey (C) 5, Mary Sterry 6. In memory of Rex Corke of Lymington.

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