24th May 1928 - 16th March 2014

Esme learnt to ring as part of a group of young ringers at St Mary’s, Overton following the lifting of the ban on ringing during the war. The youngsters included her brother, Andrew, and her friend and future sister-in-law, Margaret Wadley. At that time, in that area, women ringers were still very much considered the exception, and Esme had to work hard on her father and uncles to agree to teach her and Margaret to ring. They were taught by Esme and Andrew’s father, Albert Taylor, and their maternal uncles, the Garrett brothers.

(l-r) unknown friend, Jack & Esme Weaver, Margaret & Andrew Taylor

Esme married fellow ringer, Jack Weaver at Overton, joining him to live in Basingstoke following their wedding in 1950. The first peal on Overton’s recently augmented ring of 8 was rung for their wedding on February 11th 1950. For 60 years, Esme was a loyal member at St Michael’s Basingstoke, where she, Jack and Andrew, and later Barbara all did stints as tower captain, and taught a number of ringers in that time. Esme and Margaret catered regularly for district ringers’ teas, and also for a large number of members for the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild Centenary in 1979. Esme’ s children Nick and Barbara, and nieces Ruth and Jean all followed in their parents’ foot-steps into ringing at St Michael’s, and later, grandson Mark also learnt to ring. Esme was a regular quarter peal ringer, but rang just seven peals in the 70s and 80s – all of them at St Michael’s, Basingstoke apart from one at All Saints’, Basingstoke, and all of them Grandsire Triples apart from one of Kent Treble Bob Major, and one of Plain Bob Caters.

Esme was awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild in 1995 following 50 years’ membership, of which she was very proud. During her latter years in Basingstoke, Esme supported ringing at both towers. She spent her last years living in Towcester, to be close to Barbara and Jonathan. Her funeral was held at Towcester on 25th March, attended by a number of ringers, and honoured by the St Lawrence ringers and visitors by some splendid half-muffled ringing on the twelve, with which she would have been well-pleased.

After clocking up some 65 years of ringing, ‘dear Esme, rest in peace.’



Towcester, Northants. 19 Mar, 1325 Stedman Cinques: Ann White 1, Barry E Saunders 2, Joanne C Wilby 3, Barbara A King 4, Brett C Masters 5, Christopher E Bulleid 6, Jonathan G W King 7, Martyn L J Jordan 8, Richard I Allton (C) 9, A John Stanworth 10, Andrew W R Wilby 11, John I White 12. Rung half- muffled in memory of Esme Weaver, 1928-2014, mother of 4 & a ringer for over 65 years.

Basingstoke, Hants. (S Michael) 23 Mar, 1260 Grandsire Triples: Sue Hoar 1, Ros Turrell 2, Maggie Ellis 3, Helen Green 4, Lynne Jordan 5, Jon Soar 6, Alan Hoar (C) 7, Roderick Boucher 8. Rung to celebrate the life of Esme Weaver, life member of the Winchester & Portsmouth Guild & ringer at this tower for over 50 years. £2.40

Basingstoke, Hants. (All Saints) 21 Mar, 1260 Stedman Triples: Adam S Greenley 1, Rosalind S Turrell 2, Alan N Hoar 3, Angela M Athawes 4, Philip A Turrell 5, Stephen J Turrell 6, Benjamin D Constant (C) 7, Andrew M Macqueen 8. Rung open in memory of Esme J Weaver, a former Basingstoke ringer.

Eversley, Hants. 11 Apr, 1272 Norwich S Minor: Steve Lutener 1, Greg Jordan 2, Lynne Jordan 3, Jon Soar 4, Alan Barsby 5, Pete Jordan (C) 6. Rung to celebrate the life of Esme Weaver, life member of the Winchester & Portsmouth Guild.

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