Phil Faulks was born in Warwick in 1928 and lived in the same square all his life. He rang just 2 peals, both in 1958, one at St Nicholas, Warwick and the other at Sherbourne. These were shortly after he became a member of the Coventry Guild. He was a regular Sunday service ringer at St Mary’s Warwick. In the late 1970’s Phil would often ring the 8th, usually to Grandsire which was probably his favourite method. Over the years he gradually moved towards the front, often on an even numbered bell, the 4th being his favourite towards the end of his ringing career. Even after he stopped ringing he would often meet the band before the service for a brief chat before we ventured up the stairs, and by his comments it was clear that he listened to what we were doing quite a lot. If a quarter peal or a peal had been rung he would ask, with the usual twinkle in his eye and slightly embarrassed smile, what the method had been and crucially who had rung – was it a local band? He continued paying his subscription even after stopping ringing and took some pride in reaching 50 years membership of the Guild.

For many Phil was a very private man – a trusted few knew him better. After National Service he worked in the booking office at Leamington Station for over 50 years. He was precise in his work and life liking timetables and set patterns whether it was his work, arriving and departing punctually; or daily life, getting up and retiring at the same times; or socialising at the Nelson Club each week; or shopping in Sainsburys with the same list; or holidaying in the same places. If he had a catchphrase it was “the usual”.

Phil died aged 85 in May 2014 and his life was celebrated in a service at St Mary’s Warwick where he had regularly attended morning and evening services. The bells were rung in his honour before his memorial service and afterwards past and present members of the Warwick band, of course, rang a quarter peal of Stedman Caters. Two further quarters were rung on Whit Sunday to celebrate his life.



Warwick. (S Mary) 4 Jun, 1275 Stedman Caters: Ruth M Border 1, Geoffrey W Randall 2, Annie Hall 3, Philip J Sealey 4, Karen M French 5, David E Leafe 6, Mark W Sayers 7, Christopher F Mew (C) 8, Charles S Hayward 9, John W Gwynne 10. Rung by present and past members of the local band, immediately after the memorial service for Philip Faulks

Warwick. (S Nicholas) 8 Jun, 1260 Grandsire Triples: Janet Pratt 1, Jane Rogers 2, Lucy Gwynne 3, Karen French 4, David Randall 5, John Gwynne 6, Simon Rogers (C) 7, Geoff Randall 8. Rung for Pentecost Holy Communion service; also in memory of Philip Faulks, a loyal member of the Warwick Band.

Warwick. (S Mary) 8th Jun, 1259 Grandsire Caters: Jayne Pinder 1, Ruth M Border 2, Jane M Rogers 3, Lucy Gwynne 4, Karen M French 5, John W Gwynne 6, Charles S Hayward 7, Christopher F Mew (C) 8, Simon P Rogers 9, David E Leafe 10. For Evensong and in thanksgiving for the life of Philip Faulks, a long standing member of the band.

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