Michael was born in 1942 in Bexleyheath in Kent, the second of six children. Early school reports describe him as a happy boy, full of energy and promise. After finishing at Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School he entered articles in London to become a Chartered Accountant. Having qualified he moved down to Wiltshire, where he played rugby for Swindon and discovered squash.

In 1974 he moved to Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire, where he joined the local squash club and made many lifelong friends. He did not discover bellringing until 1984, when his local church of Aldbury decided to augment their ring of three bells to six and realised that they needed ringers! Michael was one of the first volunteers, and was soon making rapid progress.

To begin with, he kept a photographic record of the towers he rang at, but stopped when he became overwhelmed by the sheer volume of photographs! After several attempts he rang his first peal in 1991, and rang ten in all. There is no record of his quarter peals.

Moving to Kings Langley he became Ringing Master for a time, also serving as Assistant District Ringing Master and Association Treasurer for the HCACR. At the time of his death he was Independent Examiner.

His many interests included gardening, crosswords, beekeeping and entertaining. He was well known for his barbecues – in fact, he owned six! One ambition was to see all the plays of Alan Ayckbourn, and he travelled to Scarborough, Bath and Guildford to achieve this, only being thwarted by the playwright himself, who produced a new play every year!

After he retired in 2010 he set about travelling with a vengeance, visiting many countries including America, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa and China. It was difficult to know when he would actually be in this country!

He will be remembered for his energy and enthusiasm for life, and his love of organising – his epitaph must be “You’ve got to do it while you can”.


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