1934 - 2009

When David died at home in Bexhill on 22nd December, there ended a life of solid and unobtrusive usefulness, in ringing as in a number of other spheres.

He never rose to be a star in ringing terms, having learned at nearly forty in 1972, and then only on the principle of “if you can’t beat them, join them”: the other four members of his family had already become ringers. But he was a reliable and consistent attender of Sunday ringing and practices, and more than a little handy on the mechanical side.

His peal total, we believe, was five, all of them rung at Bexhill. The last was at very short notice indeed, when a band met one short for Bob Royal in 1992, and a despairing phone call had him brushing the garden soil from his hands, as it were, and catching hold. To be frank, he was sceptical of the appeal of ringing for a long time. One of his ideas, sadly never fulfilled, was to organise a “reluctant quarter peal”.

It would have worked like this: the organiser would ring up six or eight people, none of whom were keen, and would tell each of them that he was desperate – only one rope to fill. When the band reluctantly turned up, they would find that the organiser wasn’t in it himself.

He found outings, including weekends away, much more interesting, and he organised a series of excellent trips over the years, where the arrangements were carefully chewed over and the routes traversed (and pubs tested) in advance. We will miss them very much – him, immeasurably so.


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