2nd May 1932 – 11th September 2011

Dick was born in Southampton, but the belltower at Inverness Cathedral met him and his wife, Linda in the early eighties, when they joined our growing band. He became steeple keeper and used his many talents in that area especially when three bells dropped their clappers between 1989 and 1999. If success came at the S.A.C.R. Striking Competitions, Dick was in the band. He was a loyal Sunday service ringer.

Dick loved tinkering with very old Land Rovers and drove us to an Inveraray meeting in 1985. There was often a black Labrador in the van and at times in the tower too. His house roof supported an array of aerials as he pursued a hobby as a Radio Ham. His garden was home to many unusual plants including woad, as well as a working model railway. He really adored growing orchids in the greenhouse.

A few years ago hip trouble started which was to prevent Dick from climbing the tower steps. He waited a long time for an operation, but underwent successful heart surgery. The hip operation was not to be as Dick died peacefully on 11th September. We ‘oldies’ do miss his mine of stories from the army days to life in general and his gentlemanly ways.

At the well-attended funeral service in Inverness Crematorium on 16th September, Provost Alex Gordon of Inverness Cathedral referred to Dick as a ‘character’ and dwelt on his Land Rovers in connection with the resurrection of Jesus. Dick knew a lot about reviving all things mechanical especially in the railway modelling hobby. Nine ringers and spouses attended the service and many more wished they could have done so.

We send Linda, his sons Giles and Adam and their families our sincere condolences and hope to see Giles in the tower again one day.

Well done, good and faithful servant.

Tower Captain

BB BellBoard
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers