Henry Norman, for many years a ringer and Tower Captain at Neston, sadly passed away in August. Although he hadn’t rung for many years before his death, his son Chris explained during his eulogy that ringing played a very big part of his early life and his wife, Joan, wrote to say how much they had both enjoyed the social side to ringing, mentioning the wonderful crowd of Alex Martin, Tommy Rogers, Ernie Carvell, Bob Peers and many others. Henry rang four peals, all at Neston, two of Plain Bob Major, one of Plain Bob Triples and one of Doubles.

It was through his professional life that many people in Neston and the surrounding area came across him. As an undertaker he was renowned as a perfectionist and his punctuality was legendary. Even after retirement, families continued to ask him to conduct services, which he did until he was in his 80s.

Brought up in Little Neston and a member of the congregation at Neston for many years, he latterly attended services at Shotwick where Joan was Church Warden. The funeral was held at Neston, with half-muffled ringing both before and after the service together with a quarter peal in the evening at Neston and a quarter peal was rung at Shotwick.


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