Alex (1965-2012) learnt to ring at Grahamstown in the 1980s, where he was taught by Mike Berning, the then Tower Captain. He became a staunch member of the band and rang for over thirty years. In his younger days Alex was regarded by other ringers as a mathematical genius. Unfortunately, as he grew older, he became subject to seizures and increasingly lost his early brilliance.

Sadly, in May this year Alex suffered another seizure, fell, and suffered serious injury. He died in hospital in Port Elizabeth on 3rd June 2012. Recent visitors to Grahamstown will remember Alex as a quiet and unassuming tenor man, who covered competently but seemed somewhat lacking in confidence. His colleagues remember him as an active and confident young man, who was an able ringer before illness increasingly robbed him of his abilities. Alex’s death is greatly regretted and his absence from the belfry at Grahamstown will be sorely felt.

On behalf of the Grahamstown band I express our condolences to his mother and family, and pray that Alex will rest at peace in the arms of the Father for whom he had such faith and so many questions.


BB BellBoard
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers