As readers will know well by now, 2011 sees the one hundredth anniversary of the publication of the first edition of The Ringing World. Already there are well advanced and widely reported plans for a major day of celebration in London on 26th March; the nearest Saturday to the anniversary of the actual first publication date.

However, as the magazine for all ringers in every tower across Britain, and many other places overseas, The Ringing World is keen to involve ringers of all standards and in all locations where bells are rung with rope and wheel in the English tradition.

With this in mind, we would like to encourage ringers from all corners of the globe to join in celebrating our 100th birthday, and in doing so, to help to raise the profile of ringing and ringers in the wider community. We are inviting you and your ringing friends, your tower and band, your branch or district, and your Guild or Association to take part in the ‘100 for RW100’ Challenge.

Perhaps you could ring 100 peals or quarter peals in the year specially to mark The Ringing World Centenary: you could even arrange for them to be sponsored for a ‘good cause’. Why not work within your Guild to get 100 bells in your area rung for Easter or Christmas 2011 and then tell your locality what you have achieved. Together with other Guild members you could aim to recruit 100 new ringers to the Exercise, or get 100 members of your Guild or District achieving at least 100 changes of a ‘ringing first’ during 2011. You might even want to initiate a fundraising campaign – and perhaps donate £100 to support continued publication of The Ringing World into the future!

Whatever you choose to do, we are sure that there will be countless unusual ideas. We know that among the members of the ringing exercise are the brains and ingenuity to come up with all sorts of 100 for RW100 ideas we haven't thought of. But we are keen to hear about them. So when you have organised and held your event, do write in to let us know and to submit your entry to the 100 for RW100 Challenge. We will offer one year’s free subscription to The Ringing World for the 100 for RW100 event idea judged the most unusual or outstanding by our selection panel who will meet in February 2012 to review all of the 100 for RW100 Challenge entries we receive.

When can you undertake your challenge? At any time between Saturday, 15th January 2011 and Sunday, 15th January 2012, the nearest Sunday to 13th January, the 134th anniversary of the birth of John Sparkes Goldsmith, founder, proprietor and sole editor of The Ringing World from 1911 until his death on 2nd June 1942.

So get thinking and good luck. We look forward to hearing all about your Ringing World Centenary celebration events.


BB BellBoard
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers