Methodoku Mayhem

New for 2021 - The sequel to Methodoku Mayhem is now on sale - Methodoku Menace

Methodoku Mayhem Methodoku Mayhem Methodoku Mayhem

 A5, 64 pages. £6.50 (inc UK p+p)

A colourful A5 book containing 70 brand-new Methodoku puzzles never printed in The Ringing World, Methodoku Mayhem is the perfect way for method-starved ringers to while away the winter. There’s a spread of difficulty, starting with lots of simple grids with no rules or restrictions to worry about, and gradually stepping up to some fiendish puzzles that will stretch anyone’s understanding of double symmetry and Delight methods!

The book also contains three information sections:

  • a quick-starter section to enable anyone to get going
  • a four-page illustrated introduction to the basic concepts of ringing that lie behind the puzzles, like leads and methods
  • and a glossary of all the rules used in the puzzles, with more detailed explanations

Whether you’ve been following Methodokus since they started at the beginning of lockdown, or are just starting off with no theory, the book includes lots of puzzles to suit you. We hope that even non-ringers will be able to puzzle their way through, and learn about ringing theory along the way!

Mark Davies, Methodoku creator, says: “Forget the Digital Christmas – here’s to a Merry Methodokutide! I hope you’ll have as much fun solving these as I’ve had creating them. They’re my best idea since little-bell Grandsire Caters!”

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See Mark's YouTube profile to view several free 'Methodoku Masterclass' videos! 







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