The Core Seven and Beyond: A Guide to Treble Dodging Major

By Simon Linford

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Paperback, 230 pages, 156 × 234mm. ISBN 978-1-8381590-2-3. Published 2021 by The Ringing World.

A lively ringing companion that starts with Cambridge and Yorkshire and progresses to some of the hardest methods on eight bells, filled with the author’s tips from experience for learning and ringing these methods.

Inspired by ‘Project Pickled Egg’, it stacks your method larder with a selection of the most musical and enjoyable methods to ring.

Concepts and terminology are explained at the right time, and suitable quarter peal compositions are suggested along with tips for beginner conductors for quarter peals and practice night touches of spliced.

Extra resources include suggestions for surprise major alphabets, ‘classic’ peal compositions, thoughts on choosing good methods from experienced ringers, and a set of quick reference lines.

Read Peter Sanderson's book review as published in The Ringing World.



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