The Ringers' Handbook


The Ringers' Handbook The Ringers' Handbook The Ringers' Handbook


 5 x 7 inches (128 x 178mm), 136 pages. £8.50 (inc UK p+p)

Sixth Edition (2016)

Written by ES & M Powell in 1932 and extensively revised in 2017, it is still the best book for beginners. The book leads the new ringer from how to stand and hold the rope, through the basic principles of change ringing and on to conducting Grandsire, Plain Bob, Stedman and Kent. 

This latest edition features:

  • Improved diagrams, now with 'blue' lines

  • Information on famous bells

  • Glossaries of ringing and technical terms

  • Updated terminology

  • Stronger film-laminated cover​

The book assumes no previous knowledge. Technical terms are clearly explained and the text is precise and unambiguous. The 136-page book is a pocket-sized paperback with a durable film laminated cover. 


Following the death of Revd Powell, his co-author and widow continued to publish the book. In her retirement she moved from Yorkshire to Somerset where fellow ringer Paul Williamson began assisting her and eventually took over responsibility for the book. In the 1970s Williamson transferred ownership of the title to Peter Sotheran, a ringer, printer and publisher in North Yorkshire. Since 2020 the book has been sold by The Ringing World.


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