Places with special connections to Magna Carta where bell ringing could take place 

Compiled by Malcolm S. Loveday, Chertsey, Surrey




Connection & comment

Possible towers for ringing

1 Runnymede
[Magna Carta Trust]

Magna Carta sealed at Runnymede 2015

Adam de Kingesnorth
Abbot of Chertsey Abbey

The Abbot was probably present

Egham, Surrey, S John Bapt, 10, 16-3-26
Chertsey, Surrey, S Peter, 8, 20-0-14
Ottershaw, Surrey, Christ Church, 6, 16-1-14
Addlestone, Surrey, 8 bells, hung dead, chimed electronically
Thorpe, Surrey, 4 bells, hung dead, chimed manually
2 Canterbury
[Magna Carta Town]

Stephen Langton

Present at Runnymede

Canterbury, Kent, Cath & Metropolitical Church of Christ, 12, 34-3-4
Canterbury, Kent, S Alphege, 6, 7½cwt
Canterbury, Kent, S Dunstan, 6, 13-2-15
Canterbury, Kent, S Stephen, Hackington, 8, 10-1-26
Canterbury, Kent, S Nicholas, Thanington, 6, 4-2-25
3 London
[Magna Carta Town]

William de Hardell
Magna Carta Baron

Mayor of London

London, Cath Ch of S Paul, 12, 61-2-12
Westminster, Collegiate Ch of S Peter (Westminster Abbey), 10, 30-1-15
Westminster, S Clement Danes, 10, 21-1-23
Westminster, S Margaret, 10, 26-0-26
Westminster, S Martin in the Fields, 12, 29-1-1
4 St Albans
[Magna Carta Town]
Site of first gathering of the Barons in August 1213 St Albans, Herts, Cath & Abbey Ch of S Alban, 12, 21-0-19
St Albans, Herts, S Michael, 8, 12-3-20
St Albans, Herts, S Peter, 10, 24-0-3
St Albans, Herts, S Stephen, 6, 8-2-4
5 Bury St Edmonds
[Magna Carta Town]

Richard de Clare
Magna Carta Baron

Lord of Clare
4th Earl of Hertford
[Castle at Bury St Edmunds]

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Cath Ch of S James, 12, 27-2-5
Clare, Suffolk, Ss Peter & Paul, 8, 28cwt
6 Salisbury Holds copy of Magna Carta Salisbury, Wilts, S Martin, 8, 13-2-4
Salisbury, Wilts, S Thomas of Canterbury, 8, 25-0-18
Salisbury, Wilts, S Edmund’s Arts Centre, 8, 27cwt
7 Lincoln Holds copy of Magna Carta Lincoln, Lincs, Cath Ch of BVM, 12, 23-3-13
Lincoln, Lincs, S Botolph by Bargate, 6, 9-2-2
Lincoln, Lincs, S Giles, 8, 18-0-2
Lincoln, Lincs, S Mary le Wigford, 4, 6-1-17
Lincoln, Lincs, S Peter at Gowts, 6, 8-0-3
8 Oxford Holds copy of Magna Carta approximately 18 towers, see Dove’s Guide
9 Durham Holds copy of Magna Carta Durham, Cath Ch of Christ, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Cuthbert, 10, 28-0-6
Durham, S Nicholas, 6, 9-3-23
Durham, S Oswald K&M, 8, 12-3-6
10 Hereford Holds copy of Magna Carta Hereford, Cath Ch of BVM & S Ethelbert, 10, 33-3-21
Hereford, S Nicholas, 8, 9-3-26
11 Washington, DC
Holds copy of Magna Carta Washington, DC, USA, Cath Ch of S Peter & S Paul, 10, 32-0-4
Washington, DC, USA, Old Post Office Tower, Bells of Congress, 10, 26-1-13
12 Canberra
Holds copy of Magna Carta no bells
13 Windsor King John Windsor, Berks, S John Bapt, 8, 17-2-11
Windsor, Berks, Curfew Tower, Windsor Castle, 8, 26cwt
Windsor, Berks, S Andrew, Clewer, 6, 13-3-3
Old Windsor, Berks, Ss Peter & Andrew, 8, 11-2-21
14 Staines upon Thames The Barons camped at Staines before meeting King John on Runnymede Meadows Staines upon Thames, Middx, S Mary, 8, 16-3-1
Staines upon Thames, Middx, S Peter, 8, 15½cwt
15 Wraysbury &

Richard de Montfitchet
Magna Carta Baron

[lived at Ankerwyke]

Wraysbury, Berks, S Andrew, 8, 9-2-26
Langley Marish, Berks, S Mary V, 8, 15-1-15
16 tba

John FitzRobert (Baron Warkworth)
Magna Carta Baron

Sheriff of Northumberland, Norfolk & Suffolk

17 Curry Mallett &
Shepton Mallett
William Mallett
Magna Carta Baron
Curry Mallet, Som, All Saints, 6, 10-3-1
Shepton Mallet, Som, Ss Peter & Paul, 8, 20-3-5
18 Helmsley &
Wark-on-Tweed, Northumberland

Robert de Ros (Robert Farfan)
Magna Carta Baron

Sheriff of Cumberland

Helmsley, N Yorks, All Saints, 8, 15-0-0
19 West Greenwich

Geofrey de Say (or Saye)
Magna Carta Baron

[lands in East Anglia & the Midlands]

Greenwich, S Alfege, 10, 23-2-14
20 Winchester

Saher de Quincy
Magna Carta Baron

Earl of Winchester

Winchester, Hants, Cath Ch of Holy Trinity, Ss Peter, Paul & Swithun, 14, 35-2-6
Winchester, Hants, College (Chapel of S Mary), 6, 10-3-3
21 Alnwick,

Eustace de Vesci (or Vescy)
Magna Carta Baron

Alnwick Castle

22 Topcliffe,

Richard de Percy
Magna Carta Baron

Percy-en-Auge, Normandy

23 Colchester &
Kingston (Somerset)

William de Lanvellei (or Lanvallei)
Magna Carta Baron

Colchester Castle

Colchester, Essex, S Leonard at the Hythe, 6, 15-0-0
Colchester, Essex, S Peter, 8, 21-0-17
Colchester, Essex, All Saints, Shrub End, 6, 4-1-14
24 Bury St Edmunds &

Guilbert de Clare
Magna Carta Baron

Lord of Clare
5th Earl of Hertford
Earl of Gloucester

Lord of Bletchingley
[owned Leatherhead Manor]

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Cath Ch of S James, 12, 27-2-5
Clare, Suffolk, Ss Peter & Paul, 8, 28cwt
Gloucester, Cath Ch of Holy & Indivisible Trinity, 12, 23-3-14
Gloucester, Glos, S Mary de Crypt, 8, 12-1-18
Gloucester, Glos, S Mary de Lode, 6, 14-2-12
Gloucester, Glos, S Nicholas, 6, 15cwt
Bletchingley &
Leatherhead (Surrey)
Bletchingley, Surrey, S Mary, 10, 16-1-22
Leatherhead, Surrey, SS Mary & Nicholas, 10, 19-0-12
25 Halesworth

William de Huntingfield
Magna Carta Baron

Baron Huntingfield
[owned Huntingfield Manor near Halesworth]

Huntingfield, Suffolk, S Mary, 5, 6-3-21
26 Pembroke William Marshall
Magna Carta Baron
Pembroke, Wales, S Mary V, 8, 12cwt
27 Hedingham &

Robert de Vere
Magna Carta Baron

Earl of Pembroke
Earl of Oxford

Castle Hedingham, Essex, S Nicholas, 6, 11-1-21
Kensington, London, S Mary Abbots, 10, 31-0-4
28 Framlingham

Roger Bigod
Magna Carta Baron

Earl of Norfolk
[owned land in Essex & Suffolk]

Framlingham, Suffolk, S Michael, 8, 16-0-14
29 Framlingham

Hugh Bigod (son of Roger)
Magna Carta Baron

Earl of Norfolk

Framlingham, Suffolk, S Michael, 8, 16-0-14
30 Pontefract

John de Lacy (or Lasci)
Magna Carta Baron

Earl of Lincoln
Ponefract Castle
[owned properties in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire]

Pontefract, W Yorks, All Saints, 8, 12-1-7
Pontefract, W Yorks, S Giles, 10, 18-0-19
31 City of London
& Dunmow

Robert Fitzwalter
Magna Carta Baron

Lord of Dunmow
[Fitzwalter’s fortress Baynard Castle, now demolished, was near the site of St Paul’s Cathedral]

London, Cath Ch of S Paul, 12, 61-2-12
Great Dunmow, Essex, S Mary V, 8, 21-1-6
32 Northolt, Perival,
Edmonton, Enfield,
Hadley & Ickenham

Geoffrey de Mandevile (or Magnavil)
Magna Carta Baron

Earl of Essex & Gloucester

Edmonton, London, All Saints, 8, 15-3-9
Enfield, Middx, S Andrew, 8, 19¾cwt
Enfield, Middx, S Mary Magd, 8, 9-2-3
33 Mowbray &

William de Mowbray
Magna Carta Baron

Baron Mowbray
[owned Bansted, Surrey]

Banstead, Surrey, All Saints, 8, 21-0-27
34 Trowbridge

Henry de Bohun
Magna Carta Baron

Earl of Hertford &
Earl of Essex

Trowbridge, Wilts, S James, 12, 24-2-18
35 Arundel, 
Castle Rising &
Belvoir (Grantham,

William d’Aubigney (de Albini)
Magna Carta Baron

High Sheriff of Warwickshire & Leicester and High Sheriff of Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire in 1199
Earl of Arundel
[held land in Norfolk & Castle Rising]
Died at Offington, Leics, and buried at Newstead Abbey and “his heart under the wall, opposite the altar at Belvoir Castle”

Arundel, W Sussex, S Nicholas, 8, 13-3-4
Barrowby, Lincs, All Saints, 6, 10-1-25
Belvoir, Leics – no bells?
Bottesford, Lincs, S Peter, 6, 6-3-3
Castle Rising – no bells?
Grantham, Lincs, S Wulfram, 12, 32-1-11
Harlaxton, Lincs, Ss Mary & Peter, 6, 9-1-26
Offington – no bells?
36 Wheatley &

Roger de Montbegan
Magna Carta Baron

[held land in Lincolnshire, Wheatley & Clayworth, Nottinghamshire]
Clayworth, Notts, S Peter, 8, 8-1-15
Wheatley – no bells?
37 Holderness &

William de Forz (or Fortibus)
Magna Carta Baron

Earl of Albemarle

Craven – no bells?
Holderness – no bells?
Scarborough, N Yorks, S Mary, 10, 20-1-16
38 Guildford

Hubert de Burgh
Sheriff of Surrey

Supporter of King John – held Guildford Castle

Guildford, Surrey, Cath Ch of Holy Spirit, 12, 30-1-10
Guildford, Surrey, Holy Trinity, 8, 23-3-8
Guildford, Surrey, S Mary, 6, 15-0-21
Guildford, Surrey, S Nicolas, 10, 21-1-11
Stoke next Guildford, Surrey, S John Ev, 6, 7-0-14
39 Reigate William de Warenne
Earl of Surrey

Supporter of King John – mentioned in the Magna Carta preamble

Reigate, Surrey, S Mary Magd, 10, 18-3-10
40 Barnes

Stephen Langton

Dedicated St Mary’s Barnes on his way back to London from Runnymede

Barnes, London, S Mary, 8, 10-2-20
41 Odiham

King John

Travelled from Odiham Castle to Runnymede June 1215

Odiham, Hants, All Saints, 6, 12-1-11

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